Silver Linings – Powerful Insight on Mindset from Jessy Nelson

Jessy Nelson

I’ve posted on mindset a couple of times this week (in You Are Awesome & What is a Growth Mindset?) and it was just over a year ago that I highlighted Martyn Ashton’s TEDx talk in which he spoke about his motivation during his rehabilitation following his life changing injury.

In the below film you get to witness Jessy Nelson‘s mindset, as he rehabilitates from an injury, similar to Martyn’s, sustained during a motocross race.

The film is a hard watch in places, particularly the section where Jessy and the Troy Lee Designs team are recalling the accident while footage plays of Jessy trying to get up in the immediate aftermath.

From the outset of the film you hear examples of Jessy’s mindset and attitude toward what he does. Following the crash, while he openly admits to hitting rock bottom, he reaches a point where he turns a corner and decides, in his words, to “have a good mindset”. From there on what you see is his mindset, that put him on the top of the podium so often, leading and supporting him to achieve his new goals.

It’s an absorbing watch and there’s loads to take from it, from lessons on motivation and attitude, to living and enjoying life and appreciating the things that matter in life i.e. the friends and family you have around you.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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