Five Ten Freerider Shoes


Five Ten Freerider Shoes have been around for a fair while now and have consistently proven themselves. Described as “our most versatile All-Mountain flat pedal shoe” on their website, you’d be hard pushed to disagree; with these top sellers being worn across numerous MTB disciplines as well as for day to day footwear, sky diving, climbing and so the list goes on.

IMG_1586  IMG_1587

As well as looking the part, the breathable suede leather and polyester mesh uppers provide excellent comfort coupled with decent weather resistance. They don’t keep out all of the rain and cold but do a pretty good job of dealing with most of it.

IMG_1588                       IMG_1589

The shoes have a decent sized toe box giving your feet freedom to move and the slim profile design around the ankle provides excellent crank clearance when pedalling.

The sole is light yet stiff enough to provide good impact absorption to minimise foot fatigue on long, rough descents while simultaneously offering great pedal feedback for you to keep connected with the bike and trail.


Goes without saying, but the dotty Stealth S1 rubber sole provides unrivalled grip on the pedals.


At a price point of £90 (though you should easily be able to find a pair for around £70), these regular Five Ten Freerider shoes are amazing value and a go to shoe for riders whether they’re just starting riding flat pedals or have been on them for years. So why wouldn’t you buy?

For me these win on style but on performance, for £120 (you’ll be able to find a pair for around £90), the Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes offer you toe box reinforcement, large abrasion-resistant scuff guards front and back, and a 3mm layer of self-hardening, smart foam on the inside to up the protection levels. That extra £20 buys you quite a bit more shoe and when you take into account they’re also around 60g lighter, it’s the pros where my money would go.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


Available on Amazon

Five Ten Freerider Pro


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