Aspirational Posture from Amaury Pierron on Reunion Island


It feels like Commencal are putting out a video every other day lately but this latest offering, from Leon Perrin showing Amaury Pierron’s insanely fast riding on Reunion Island, caught my eye.

Throughout the film you’ll find the draw dropping speed clips punctuated by slow motion sections and these slow-mo clips give you the chance to study Amaury’s technique.

The section from 1.28 – 1.48, for me, is particularly impressive because you get to see how solid and straight Amaury’s torso stays while the bike’s suspension and his arms & legs deal with absorbing impacts as well as creating and carrying his phenomenal speed along the trail.

It’s an awesome watch.

Whether it’s a Yoga, Pilates, Callisthenics or other form of core training program, you need to be aspiring to achieve the level of stability Amaury has on show here.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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