The New Year Resolutions You Maybe Didn’t Think Of!



It’s the first month of the year and all around the world mountain bikers will be setting their New Year resolutions to make them stronger, fitter, more skilful etc.

For some it’ll be the usual ride my bike more often or go to the gym to get fitter but research suggests there are faster ways to get better more quickly……

Find a Mentor

“We only learn through mistakes but it’s a hell of a lot easier to learn through other peoples mistakes”

Warren Buffett

You may be lucky enough to have a mentor but, if you don’t, book in with a skills trainer. There’s a couple of key things to do here though:

  1. Find yourself a mentor who is at least 10 years ahead of you in their performance level.
  2. Don’t just book one session, book sessions regularly.

The reason 10 years is important in finding a skills trainer is that, by working with them, you’re wanting them to send your learning into hyperdrive. To do that they need to be significantly further ahead of you so they can help you avoid mistakes and condense your learning.

The reason for the regular sessions is so they can keep pushing you and refining your riding. A one off session will give you things to think about. Multiple sessions will drive you on.

Develop Intensity in Your Social Circle

I’ve posted on the effect the people around you have on your development in The Power of Others. If you’re serious about improving your riding this year then cut your riding circle of friends in half and focus on spending time with the half that will push you on most. Don’t have a circle of riding friends who can push you on? Join a local riding club and make some!

The research into elite level performance is clear that the people you surround yourself with have a profound impact on your outcomes………so be choosy.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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