DMR Brendog DeathGrip Lock-On MTB Grips


UK bike firm DMR have been producing DeathGrips since 2016 and for the last few months I’ve been running them. The grips were designed by Scott-Velosolutions rider Brendan ‘Brendog’ Fairclough and incorporate all of Brendan’s favourite grip patterns into one neat package.

Working from the inboard side out you’ve got the option of a flange or flangeless design.


Next up comes a ribbed/mushroom section which creates a slightly larger diameter to ensure comfort and grip for your thumb and forefinger.


The remainder of the grip is wrapped in a diamond knurl with a waffle section to enhance grip for you fingers.


The grips use an eccentric design, which means there is more rubber underneath your palm than your fingers. I’ve seen some reviews suggesting this causes difficulty with setup but I’ve had no issues. If you’re worried about setup, who better to help out than Brendan himself……

As Brendan tells us in the clip, the grips are internally tapered so only one locking ring to tighten with a 3mm allen key.



These grips are some of the best I’ve ridden. They stay firmly in place and give an instant feel of control and confidence. They work flawlessly in all conditions, whether it be heavy rain and mud, cold (tested to – 7°C) or heat (tested to 30°C).

All in all I’d highly, highly recommend them.

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DMR Brendog Death Grip

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