Post Concussion Syndrome Rehabilitation

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Picking up injuries when you’re mountain biking is inevitable and, despite the head protection, our brains are as equally at risk as any other part of our body. I posted a few weeks ago on concussion but if you’re struggling with post concussion syndrome the podcast below might be what you need.

Chiu podcast

The issue is that life isn’t like the movies. If you sustain a blow to the head that’s heavy enough to give you a concussion (you don’t need to be knocked out) you have a brain injury and need to take it seriously.

Post concussion syndrome can last anywhere from 4 weeks to several years. Like any injury to your body, whether you cut yourself, or burn yourself, or strain a muscle, or sprain a ligament, what you’re left with is an area of damage and swelling around it. The swelling stops areas around the injury from working properly initially but, as the swelling settles (generally after 6-8 weeks), things get going again and the area of damage is repaired. The bigger the injury though, the bigger the area of damage and the bigger amount of swelling that results and hence recovery times get longer eg it’s 8 weeks since my injury and I’m still having a lot of issues with sleep, concentration, memory and information processing. In severe cases, the improvements don’t come as the damage is too bad.

In the podcast, Dr Chiu provides a blend of ancient Eastern wisdom practices with the latest breakthroughs in neurology, nutrition, and Functional Medicine. He explains the changes that happen in a person’s brain after a brain injury, the short and long-term effects that can result and shares tips on diet, lifestyle interventions and supplements to support recovery.

All in all, it’s potentially a useful tool if you’re currently experiencing post concussion syndrome.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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  1. AJ says:

    Thanks for the podcast recommendation. I’m always keen to look at alternative therapies.

    I have post-concussion syndrome and blog about my recovery journey. Feel free to check it out.

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