Insights from Aaron Gwin on Line Choice


gwin william

Aaron Gwin proved he was human in a couple of ways at Fort William. The most obvious example was when he came off during his race run. Another example came in Episode 2 of Tales of the Mob.

Aaron’s renowned for his physical strength, which provides the foundation for his attacking, aggressive, all out style. Watching him on track he seemingly just rides over anything that’s in his way but, in this Fort William episode, he gives us an insight into the calculated line choices that are really going on:

“There’s always factors involved, like how much physical effort are you willing to put out to make a line work, or how much risk are you willing to take versus maybe being a few tenths slower, but you know you can hit this line all day long, and you can make the time up maybe on the next straight…..”.

The race experience and analytical ability needed to know when to gamble, where to put your effort in and when to accept the ‘safer’, slower lines isn’t something you can coach. If it was, everyone would know how to do it. On top of this, Aaron has the self-control to execute his chosen route and not get caught up in the moment during a race and gamble on lines.

What’s your analytical eye and self-control like?

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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