Aaron Gwin on how Caring Wins Races

gwin lulu

Lululemon have released a third video in their Stepping Beyond series and this one focuses on Aaron Gwin.

Aaron’s message in the video is a powerful one and provides another example of why he’s at the top of his game. In it he talks about how much his team support him and how he supports others in the team to produce a winning formula. It’s a subject I’ve touched on before in The Power of Others…..how to improve your riding skills faster.

There’s a suggestion in part of the video that he started his own team to get something he didn’t have on a big factory team – to make sure he had a good group of people around him and that “everyone’s well cared for”. You can tell from hearing him talk is that he is genuinely concerned about the people around him. This kind of behaviour builds trust and togetherness and this in turn provides the foundation for what they achieve at YT Mob.

I posted a few days ago on Is it the Bike or the Rider that Wins the Race? and highlighted a piece of work by Sheffield University to find the best Formula One racing driver ever. The poster for that work is below. If you look at their final conclusion, on the formula for success, you’ll see their findings were the athlete matters 15%, the team 85%.


Aaron knows a thing or two about winning races and this video shows how much he understands where that success comes from. He’s a humble athlete who gives to his team as much as he receives and from this come the results.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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