Danny v Claudio – Super Elite v Elite


Home of Trails has just been released featuring Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori. The film provides opportunities to study things like Danny’s bunny hop technique and drop off technique as well as marvelling at his bike control but it also offers the chance to see something else.

The main thing that stuck out for me is the difference between Danny’s posture and Claudio’s posture. There’s no doubt that Claudio is an elite level rider but put him up against Danny and there’s a notable difference in ability. A key foundation for that comes from their posture.

claud1 claud2

See how rounded Claudio’s back and shoulders are compared to Danny’s in the above two pictures then watch the film back to find this repeated throughout it.

Not convinced posture makes that much difference? Well I highlighted Vaea Verbeeck’s posture (and riding generally) in my post Horizon – Vaea Verbeeck Killing it a few days ago and below are two screen shots from that. Vaea recently claimed 3rd place in the Giant Toa Enduro and 1st place in the Redwoods Downhill at Crankworx. She look like Claudio or Danny?

claud3 claud4

If you watch closely throughout Home of Trails you can see how restricted Claudio’s movement around the bike is as a result of his posture.

Who’s riding posture is yours closest to?

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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