SealSkinz All Weather XP Cycle Glove



Winter time calls for winter gloves and I’ve rode these over the past few months and they did alright.

First impressions were that SealSkinz tend to size on the small side and these gloves were no exception – worth trying before you buy as most people have to go up a size or two.


The gloves are well made with decent materials and stitching, a decent sized velcro strap and gel padding on the palm.


As far as riding goes, these held up pretty well. Repeatedly used them in the rain and snow with no issues (though I know there are a few reviews out there suggesting they aren’t so waterproof if the rain gets heavy), and temperature wise they performed well down to 0 to 1°C. If temperatures drop lower (I wore these in temperatures of -6°C) I’d recommend inner gloves or a different pair altogether.

Grip on the bars was good and the gel pads did a good enough job protecting palm pressure areas. While your palm is protected, the backs of hands aren’t and I’m sure some riders will feel they’d benefit from a more robust dorsal aspect to the gloves.


They come with index finger and thumb pads to let you use your phone while wearing them. This feature was a bit hit a miss depending on how muddy they were but I guess you’ve gotta accept that.

They machine washed fine for me a came out looking clean each time.

Overall, I don’t think these are the best buy you’ll find but they held up well and are definitely worthy of serious consideration. Just remember to try them first or order a couple of sizes though.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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