What are Mirror Neurones?


mirror neurone

I’ve mentioned mirror neurones quite a bit in various articles but what are they?

Mirror neurones are basically brain cells that fire when you perform an action but also when you see the same action performed. In other words, the brain cells that fire when we perform e.g. a bunny hop, also fire when we watch someone perform a bunny hop.

Why is this significant? Well we all know that we need to spend numerous hours of practice in order to improve our bike skills but mirror neurones mean that part of those hours can be made up by simply watching someone doing what we want to do. It’s the main reason I have the Aspirational Riding section on this website.

The process of activating our mirror neurones is very similar to mental imagery however, and for it to be most effective we need to concentrate on the body of the rider we’re watching. Focusing on specific elements of their riding, for example their pelvic movement, makes this even more potent. The role of mirror neurones in learning is still the subject of a lot of debate but there’s evidence there.

So get yourself on YouTube or Vimeo and watch as many bike videos as you can and if there’s a particularly useful film that I see I’ll include the links on this website with ideas around what it’s useful for.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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