Horizon – Vaea Verbeeck Killing it



Tip of the hat to Deity Components and Parallax Media because this video of Vaea Verbeeck is awesome.

The thing I love about this isn’t the glossy presentation or the New Zealand backdrop or the swirling sound track………it’s the way they’ve captured the elegant simplicity of Vaea’s riding. No whips, flicks or fancy tricks, no fancy video editing or anything other than  pure riding.

Whether it be the long lens lateral shots or closer up cornering & trial eating shots, they’ve got it spot on.

Pay attention to how straight Vaea’s back posture is, the angle of her shoulders and elbows, the position and movement of her hips, the timing of her movements against the terrain, the extension of her legs and arms………in short it’s a masterclass of technique.

So so much for your mirror neurones to feast on.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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  1. vaeav says:

    Hey!! I just came up on this page and I want to thank you for the compliment! That’s very pleasing to read, thank you so much.
    I want to keep working hard and show more, it’s a big motivation when people genuinely enjoy watching it too. Cheers! V


    1. adiind says:

      You’re welcome! The film gives so much for upcoming riders to learn from and aspire to because it gives the time to appreciate your level of technique.

      Good luck for the rest of the season and we’re all looking forward to your next film…..no pressure but Horizon’s gonna be hard to beat!


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