Peter Storm Waterproof Overtrousers

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RRP £40

Peter Storm aren’t a brand you’d specifically associate with mountain biking and these aren’t an MTB focused pair of overtrousers but MTB’s not all about the riding so I decided to give them a try.

I tend to wear overtrousers a lot as you can pull them over your kit, go riding or digging or spectating etc letting them take all of the mud, rain and anything else the weather can throw at you then, when you get back to the car, you can take them off and you’re dry and clean to get straight in and drive away.

First impressions with these overtrousers was they were well made but fairly standard as far as overtrousers go.

Fit wise, I’m a 30 waist, these trousers were a small and they fitted well whether I just had a base layer under them or a pair of shorts with padded under shorts. Waist adjustment is via an elasticated pull cord and, unsurprisingly, it was pretty useless.

The combination of these not being MTB specific and the elasticated pull cord means that you don’t need to do too much riding or digging before they start to ride down at the back – no high cut back waist band here.

storm 5

When getting them on and off, the side-zip on the leg gave enough room to get a pair of Five Ten Freeriders in and out of them pretty comfortably. The lack of any taper on the lower leg or elasticated ankle band means they have the potential to get caught in the mechanics of the bike (though in 3 months I didn’t get them caught once) and the absence of any way to connect them to your shoes means the weather can find its way up your leg (but at the end of the day they are only £40 pants).

storm 6

There’s plenty of pockets to choose from (two unzipped front, two zipped back and one velcro close leg pocket). All of the pockets are plenty deep enough to get a lot of stuff in. The position of the leg pocket means that, if you’re carrying stuff in there and doing a lot of pedalling, you’re likely to get a bit irritated by it though.













Over the course of the 3 months I’ve worn these they’ve been in the washing machine several times and are still as waterproof as the first day I tried them (you can supposedly even iron them but don’t reckon I’ll be trying that one).

In conclusion, these over trousers do the basics well and are an ok general overtrouser buy for the price. When it comes to riding and digging, though, they wouldn’t be my first choice and you’d probably want to be looking somewhere else.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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