Truckman Trucklok (Mitsubishi L200)



If, like me, you own a pick-up truck and have a hardtop for it, (so you can throw your bike and gear in the back) it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that (on all but a few trucks) the tailgate doesn’t lock leaving your stuff vulnerable. The Truckman Trucklok aims to solve this issue by allowing you to lock the tailgate through the central locking.

Opening the box you get a solenoid locking bolt, wiring loom, zip ties and connectors. The fitting instructions are clear and fool proof, though I didn’t find the claim it can be fitted in under 30 mins accurate. I’ve got no doubts if you had a few goes at it you could but it took me about 1 hr 30 (largely down to getting the loom running under the car, up under the passenger seat and into the sill along a route I was happy with).

I’ve been running it a few months now and it has worked faultlessly at temperatures as low as -7°C. Only thing I find a bit irritating at times is that you can’t override the timed automatic locking. It does warn you in the instructions about it but, if you don’t open the tailgate or when you close the tailgate, it locks after a few seconds. I know what you’re saying….but is this not a valuable security feature? You’re right, it is, but it happens way more often than you’d imagine and can get irritating.

Other than the one flaw mentioned above, overall I’d say it’s £116.87 well spent and gives you added peace of mind when leaving £1000’s of bike kit or tools in the back.


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