This is UR World – Kenta Gallagher


UR Polygon team rider Kenta Gallagher is the feature of their latest This is UR World episode and this episode pretty much gives a blue print of how to be an elite level rider:

  • It supports the 10,000 hour theory as his mum tells how he started riding mountain bikes aged 11 before Kenta tells us he won his first elite level World Cup Cross Country Eliminator in 2013 (10 years later).
  • It introduces us to Kenny Denoon, Kenta’s mentor from age 15 to 17 and beyond.
  • It mentions Kenta’s group of friends who he regularly rode/rides with.
  • It highlights how he has used and is continuing to use different cycling disciplines (as well as motocross) to stress and develop different skills.
  • It gives insight into his mindset mentioning how defeats and injury have only made him more determined to succeed.

& the list goes on…….

I think the biggest thing that hit me about his story though, is the need to enjoy and be happy in what you’re doing. There’s a section where Kenta talks about when he was making the decision to switch from cross country to downhill and Kenny Denoon said to him ‘if you’re really not enjoying it (cross country) why would you go through with it? There’s only so much training you can do if you don’t enjoy something….the last percent you’re not going to push’.

When you then listen to Kenta, his mum and his sister talking about how much happier he is and harder he is training since the decision, the evidence seems clear to me. Watch and see what you think.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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