Adam Brayton Winter Training


When Adam Brayton took on a tree in Red Bull Hardline 2017, Rob Warner commented “He’ll be glad of all the hours in the gym. That’s why, partly, these guys train so hard to make them, believe it or not, ready for crashes”.

The above video link demonstrates the kind of training it takes to achieve Adam Brayton’s physical strength. The kind of strength that enables him to perform as an elite level athlete and take the kind of knocks he did in Hardline.

The video is from Fit 4 Racing and shows Adam Brayton training along with Ross Neville and Jamie Law (MX pros). The thing I like about this video is Jonny Thompson’s commentary doesn’t just the name the exercises and tell you they’re good for mountain bikers, he provides a more in depth appraisal of the exercises, the muscle groups they work and the reason for selecting them.

They say beach bodies are made in the winter and (mountain) biking bodies are no different. These guys are working out like this now (22/Jan/2018 training session), how’s your training going?

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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