2018 UK Downhill and Enduro Series

uk series

There is no better way to practice racing than by actually racing.

The ability to bring your physical, mental and mechanical preparation together in the same place, at the same time, while under the pressure of competition just can’t be replicated anywhere else.

With this in mind, the UK Downhill and Enduro series are here.

UK Downhill Series

The downhill series is consists of 5 events this year with the National Championships being held half way through. The events on the calendar are:

Round 1: Cwmcarn 7-8 April

Round 2: Fort William 12-13 May

Round 3: Rheola 30 June – 1 July

Round 4: Rhyd-Y-Felin 11-12 August

Round 5: Bringewood 22-23 September

National Championships: Glencoe 21-22 July

Event entry is via the British Cycling website.

There’s also more information on the series at the UK National Downhill Series section of the website.


UK Gravity Enduro Series

The enduro series this year also consists of 5 events with the possibility of a women’s specific event at round 2. The events on the calendar are:

Round 1: Innerliethen 28th-29th April

Round 2: Eastridge 26th-27th May

Round 3: Afan 23rd-24th June

Round 4: Ae Forest 25th-26th August

Round 5: Dyfi Forest 15th-16th September


Event entry is via the moredirt website.

For more information you can visit the UK Gravity Enduro series website.


If you are going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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