Focus, Motivation & Goals….Martyn Ashton’s TEDx talk



Ever struggled to stay focused on your goals after an injury or when things aren’t going your way? In recent weeks I’ve seen two stories that can help with your motivation….

Above is a link to Martyn Ashton’s TEDx talk during which he talks about a pivotal event he had in the hours following his spinal injury. What the event and rest of the talk does is highlight Martyn’s mindset, giving us an insight into how he became the trials legend he was and how he has gone on to re-organise and subsequently realise his goals following his injury. It all starts with a question……..”Who’s the best paraplegic”?

I also read an article on Tommy Wilkinson in MBUK which gives an insight into Tommy’s similar mindset. Tommy’s journey took him from downhill racer to action sports photographer following an accident in 2013 in which he sustained a fractured skull and a bleed on his brain, spinal cord injury and a complete avulsion of his brachial plexus leaving his right arm paralysed.

Devising your goals and staying focused enough for long enough to achieve them is a challenge but both these guys have got what it takes in bucket loads and there’s a lot we can learn by following their lead.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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