CRY Brand Gloves


CRY brand belongs to pro BMXer Harry Main and a few posts ago I showed Harry transferring from BMX to a jump bike so I wondered how Harry’s gloves would transfer from BMX to mountain biking.

First impression of these gloves, as you unwrap them, is they have a quality feel and a bit of thought has gone in to them to justify the £30 price tag.


There are 4 designs available with the black being shown in this review. Size guides were accurate on the gloves tested. The materials have a quality feel to them and (particularly if you follow Harry’s YouTube channel) the logo in the palm and silky index finger pads are “a nice little touch”.

As far as gloves for mountain biking go though these definitely lie at the trails/jump bike end of the spectrum. While the bulk of the glove materials feel quality they also feel thin. I tested these in the 20 – 24 degree temperatures the UK have had and they performed well with breathing holes in the fabric of the finger sections but as autumn approaches I’d be starting to reach for other ‘light’ gloves.

Strong positives for the gloves are the decent sweat/snot/blood patches on the thumb and sturdy velcro fastenings that are gonna withstand some punishment.


IMG_7691      IMG_2114





However, I mentioned earlier the silky index finger touch earlier as “a nice little touch” (for using your phone with your gloves on) but when it comes to braking and gear changing in wet and muddy conditions I can imagine this becoming pretty annoying, pretty quickly &, without a pad on the thumb, means you can’t zoom in/out on the screen.


A major, and unfortunate, consideration also is that after just 4, 3 hour (approximately) sessions; the stitching on one of the gloves gave up.


Overall, these gloves are a decent feeling, well thought out pair of light trail/trials gloves for the price but there’s a big question mark over their longevity. It might be the Scouse influence in me but, on balance, I’d probably recommend these to the light trail/trials riders amongst us……probably.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite


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