One Giant Leap


Nestling on a farm in North Wales is a downhill venue that is host to a round of the British Downhill Series and, in my opinion, one of the best downhill places you’ll find in the UK.

Getting there?

You’ve pretty much got to drive there. One Giant Leap is on Tan Y Graig farm in Llangollen, postcode LL20 8AR.

What’s there?

What you’ll find here is a serious downhill venue.  Come prepared for proper downhill bike territory with the tracks being unashamedly steep and gnarly…….entry level riding this is not.

img_0214  img_0211

While you can sort of get an idea of the gradient, the pictures I’ve put up don’t do this place justice – it’s immense.  The tracks are steep, rough and features are significant (4ft drops on 45 degree slopes are the norm here) so don’t expect to be able to pull your brakes and stop. If you do try this when it’s wet and greasy then you’re likely to be hitting the floor pretty hard very quickly and then rolling a bit.

img_0204  img_0203

Uplift is by public roads and as the tracks are crazily steep you really need it.  If you and your mates don’t have a van don’t worry though as venue owner Martin regularly runs uplift days (but get in quick as these fill up fast).

img_0202  img_0199

The quality of this place is reflected in it’s inclusion in the British Downhill Series and it’s regular use by elite level riders for training – don’t be surprised to see the likes of Josh Bryceland, Sam Dale and Rachel Atherton.

img_0197  img_0195

img_0193  img_0192img_0215

One thing to bear in mind when visiting is that facilities are in short supply with ‘the club house’ being a shipping container with some seats, a fridge and kettle etc.  A pod has recently been added that can be rented if you’re travelling from a distance away.


In summary, One Giant Leap is a brilliant venue and worth every penny of the annual £10 club fee. You won’t find well groomed trails here, instead what you get are intense, technically challenging and fast downhill tracks to test and hone your skills on.

If you’re going to take the time to practice, practice like the elite.


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