Chris Akrigg


chris akrigg

You could do a lot worse than to aspire to achieving a riding ability like Chris Akrigg’s. From Keighley in Yorkshire, the Mongoose factory rider has been around for some time but his unwavering focus on pushing his limits has maintained him, throughout this time, as a respected rider amongst the pros and one to stare in awe at for the rest.  Chris is a 6 time national trials champion but is now one of the few riders whose technical ability is so great that he can make his pro bike living outside the glare of racing and events.

He’s probably best known for his films ‘A Hill in Spain’ as well as his role in Martyn Ashton’s ‘Road Bike Party 2’ but there’s loads of films out there showcasing his riding. Chris has described his riding style as “calculated and smooth with the potential to be wild and aggressive” but to let you make your own mind up I’ve put links to three clips below. The first clip ‘The Step of Death’ may not appeal to everyone but is one of my favourite’s because he basically dedicates a 5 minute film (and about 2 hours of practice if you listen at the end of the clip) to failing to make a jump.  It gets my vote because it gives an insight into the level of purposeful practice required to reach Chris’ elite level riding ability (you also get to see extreme jump technique).


If you’re gonna take the time to practice, practice like the elite.



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