Addressing Self Criticism to Enhance Mountain Biking Performance

Compassionate mind

A key component of developing your riding skills is identifying your weaknesses and addressing them.  The problem with this is that when you’re finding a new skill difficult to master or you’ve just made a mistake in a competition that cost you a podium, it’s easy for constructive self-reflection to turn into deconstructive self-criticism.

An audio file from the Compassionate Mind Foundation was recently recommended to me as the subject for a post and here it is.  This charitable organisation ‘promotes wellbeing by facilitating the scientific understanding and application of compassion’ and for us, there is a learning opportunity that can be transferred into enhancing our athletic performance.  The highlighted audio file is called Addressing Self Criticism and while the blokes voice and the way he talks gets on my nerves a bit, the content of what’s being said is good and, in my opinion, is worth a listen.

I recently wrote a post on Rachel Atherton’s ability to channel nervous energy into world dominating performance and being more effective in channeling your frustrations into positive athletic performance will help you to develop too.

If you’re going to practice, practice like the elite



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