Where is it?

Nearest postcode is LL57 4EQ.  WP_20150821_024

When you get there keep going along the track until you come to the entrance on your left (shown in the picture on the right).

Park up here (responsibly as there’s not much space) then head up the track on your bike. You’re a little way from the trail so keep going until you eventually come to the fork shown below.


Take the left track and a little further along you’ll come to a point where the trail crosses the path.  From there it’s a long hike up the hill to get the top (if anyone knows a better way up there let me know).

What’s there?

There’s only 1 track but it’s really well thought out to the point it can appeal to all levels of rider.  The track can be broken into 3 sections with the top section being steep, rocky and greasy in the wet.



As you drop into the mid-section the gradient lessens but the track narrows and you’re threading yourself between trees that are only about a metre apart (not much room if your riding 760mm wide bars).



Below the forest road the track opens out, with slightly bigger features and some options for line choice (though this is limited).


I really like this little place.  All of the features are designed to be rollable for the less experienced or can bit hit at speed by those with more experience. The notable thing about this place is that the majority of the jumps are only a foot or two off the ground but because of the speed you can carry and with how claustrophobic it is, you wouldn’t necessarily want them any bigger – I don’t know of many other places that offer you this kind of challenge/experience so it warrants a trip .

The only downside?…..that long hike to the top.




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