Kop Hill – Local build


A trip to the in-laws often involves a trip to Aston Hill (just 30 minutes down the road) but when I know we’ve got a busy weekend in store I opt for a lesser known local spot that I stumbled across a few months ago.

Getting there?Kop Hill

You’ll find it by heading out of Princes Risbrough along New Road then take the 4th road on your left – Kop Hill.  Just over half way up the road you’ll see a lay-by area on the right (where the grass has been worn away from people parking there) and the top of the ‘tracks’ are visible through the trees.

What’s there?

Kop Hill is a neat little ‘locals’ built track which is great for a bit of fun riding when time’s tight.  There are two runs and a table top jump.  Run time is short (sub 20 seconds) but it’s a good gradient, firm rolling surface (though the limestone can lead to your tyres getting gummed up a bit in the wet) and decent enough features for the scale of the place.  Bike wise a 100mm hardtail is all you’ll need to get the best out of the place.




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