Shimano Saint versus DX Flat Pedals


Over the past few months I’ve spent the majority of my time on my trail bike, braving the winter conditions, but with races looming I dusted off the 4x bike this weekend.  It took me a bit of time getting used to the cockpit again but after that I came back to the headache I haven’t had to wrestle with for the past few months – I just don’t find the Saint pedals as confidence inspiring as the old DX pedals they replaced and I can’t figure out why.

On paper the Saint pedals should be easy winners with their lower yet more concave profile, larger footprint and taller traction pins but I’ve swapped the pedals between bikes and always feel the same way.  I can’t even say that I’ve lost my pedals at a critical time or a similar event has led to my wavering faith in the Saints – every time I try and analyse it I can’t find fault with them.

I guess there’s just no accounting for some things and as Shimano don’t make DX pedals anymore, in the words of my dad, what can you do when your boots leak?  That’ll be my cue to stop whining and get on with riding.

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Shimano Pedals PD-MX80 Saint Flat Pedals



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