Cold Steel Special Forces (Spetznaz) Shovel


Apparently based on a design by soldiers of the Russian special forces (the Spetznaz) this is a solid small shovel with a hickory handle. At 50cm (49.9″) long and weighing in at 754g (26.6oz) its designed to be packed in a back pack & I got mine for small trail repairs & clearing trails (its fairly windy in Wales & Shropshire at times & so not unusual to find a tree lying across a trail).

From my functional perspective on life, the fact the shovel head is screwed to the handle is a nice design feature that means you can easily replace the shaft if u break it or want to adjust the shaft length. The head and collar is made of a medium carbon steel that comes with a rough sharpened edge that can be honed to a razor sharp edge. The edge means it cuts through the earth a bit more easily but the main reason its there is because this shovel isn’t just a shovel, its also a neat (& more than capable) little axe. The price you pay for this medium carbon steel is it needs a bit of looking after as it rusts fairly easily when digging in sandy trail soil. The edge is also fairly easily damaged on stones you routinely find in trail surfaces.

Overall I’ve had this shovel about 8 months now & its a go to piece of kit for me. Its replaced my axe & I only bother taking a full size shovel if I’m wanting to build a trail line or make big repairs. Its portable enough & is ultimately much more robust than any foldable shovel you’re going to find. Its also good for trail side games as you can throw it, using trees as target practice.


I think you should get one too.



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