CBoardman Super Light Innertube


I recently thought I’d give these innertubes a go as they were advertised as ‘superlight’ and were £2 less than the Continental Supersonics.  When I was buying them I thought the box felt a bit heavy and when I got them home found that they weighed the same as my bog standard Continental inner tubes which I could have bought for £3.00 less.

I can’t tell you anything about them performance wise as I shoved them back in the box and went and swapped them for the Continental Supersonics.

What the others say…

A quick search doesn’t bring up any independent website reviews.  Across the reviews on the Halfords site, the Boardman Super light innertube range don’t score above 2  due to various issues.


I’m not a weight weenie but advertising something as superlight when it clearly isn’t doesn’t score high with me.  Additionally, other reviews suggest there’s flaws with the product itself.

Product available at:

Alternatively you could try:

Schwalbe AV 13 Schrader Valve Inner Tube – Black

Continental MTB Presta Valve 42mm Inner Tube – Black, 26 Inch



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