Xpel Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Xpel wipes

For me, a sizeable amount of summer’s about insect bites – whatever it is they want I seem to have it. I’ve tried a lot of different stuff over the years but more often than not a day spent on forest trails ends in a series of painful bites and me reaching for the anti-histamines.  My wife got me these to try this year and when she told me they’d come from Poundland but were really good I couldn’t help but laugh.  D’you know what though, they’ve kept me bite free on every occasion I’ve used them over the past few months – even when digging round standing water on trial builds/repairs.  The packet says they last up to 4 hours and I’ve got got no reason to dispute it.


They don’t smell too bad, loads cheaper than anti-histamines and a pain-free alternative to being bitten.  They get a 5/5 from me.



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