Hope Quick Release Skewers

Hope skewer

I’ve heard mixed reviews about these things with some reports of them being difficult to tighten, some difficult to undo when your hands are cold &/or wet and others of them backing off while riding.

I decided to give one a go on my Omen as the spec looked good:

  • Stainless steel (so should last a while)
  • Brass cam and bush (durable)
  • People say they look good (***k knows)
  • Weigh in at 116g
  • Retail @ £17 & I found this for £15

The Verdict

My Hope skewer weighs in at 75g.  In 8 months of weekly riding (including multiple runs at Aston Hill & Foel Gasnach) and quite a few car journeys ie wheel taken on & off several times, I’ve had no issues tightening it up or with it loosening while riding.  I’ve experienced the difficulty of undoing it but find this kind of reassuring (I know it’s not going anywhere) and could be solved with a bit of lubrication.  All in all it seems a solid piece of kit to me – 4/5.



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